Thursday, 17 July 2014

Poem- Wonderland (Alice Pt.1)

I waited and I 
But no one came,                                                 Standing all alone,
In the blistering rain.

Tired of waiting, I took a step
But I fell down a hole,
I reached Wonderland.

I remember the stories of Alice
Her stupendous adventures
How brave and strong she was
How she stood first.

She defeated the Jabberwocky,
She defeated the evil
Could I be like her?
A hero, a leader?                                                                            
Lying alone, in this scary place
I lost all hope
But then I remembered fearless Alice
So I stood up.

I fought and I fought
And I finally achieved victory,
But suddenly I fell from my bed,
And realized it was nothing but a dream.

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Starting the day with an amazing song!
Demi Lovato- Really Don't Care

 "But even if the stars and moon collide
 I never want you back into my life 
 You can take your words and all your lies
 Oh oh oh I really don't care"

Demi at LA pride parade
Cher and Demi - Really Don't Care

Saturday, 14 June 2014

The Girl In The Dark #3 (Fiction)

I had a crazy dream last night. It was more of a nightmare. I saw that little girl from the factory and she was trying to tell me something but then suddenly she caught fire. She burnt to death. I woke up and stared at the mirror for a while, trying to figure out what's wrong with me. I don't know why it feels like something is wrong with me. I got dressed and ran downstairs for breakfast. "Morning, dad." I said.
                        "Morning, honey! How was school yesterday?" He asked. He made me a grilled cheese sandwich. It's my favorite. "Oh, it was okay. Weird, actually. But okay. Well, dad, I gotta go. See ya!" I went outside, holding my sandwich in one hand and my bag in another. I walked to school from the same road, where I found that girl yesterday. But she is not here. Instead, it's completely empty. Not a single voice is coming, not even the sound of birds chirping. Suddenly, I feel so desolate. Should I go inside the factory to see if the girl's here? I start towards the factory gate but then suddenly I realized that I'm getting late for school so I turned away and walked to my school. I'll go see later when I come back.
                       "Hey!" The same girl who ate my sandwiches came and sat beside me in class. "I didn't get a chance to introduce myself yesterday." Yeah, because you were eating my sandwiches. "My name's Vanessa." She said. "Oh well, nice to meet you Vanessa." I said not even looking at her. I'm going through a book I bought yesterday. A book on this place's history. "What are you searching for?" She asked. "Well, there's a factory I saw yesterday and I..." "That freaky factory in that freaky alley?" She sounds astounded. I  nodded. "What do you wanna know about it?" "I just wanna know what happened. What exactly happened there?" I asked. Then she told me the whole story. She told me that two years ago, something went wrong in that factory and a lot of people died. When I asked her about the owner of the factory, her answer horrified me. "Well, see the owner had a six or seven year old girl. So they both died in the same factory in that fire" She said. "You won't believe it but..." She whispered. "people say that the girl's ghost still lingers in the factory. That's why no one goes there. Whoever tried to make something new in the place of that 'broken-down' factory couldn't do anything. Something happened to every one of those people who tried to destroy that place." My eyes widened and my jaw dropped. If this girl Vanessa is telling me about is the same girl I saw. Does that mean....I saw a ghost?

© Isha Sharma

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Mother (A poem dedicated to my mom)

So first of all Happy Mother's Day! A mother is a very important person in everyone's life. She always supports you and is always there to make you happy. So, this Mother's Day I decided to write a poem on Mother. This is dedicated to my beautiful mom and all the mothers out there :)

Who brings out the best in you?
Who doesn't always need you to prove?
Because she knows that you'll shine
Who has always been by your side?

It's your mother, who loves you more than anything,
It's your mother, who give you everything
She doesn't always get anything back,
So just take this time to tell her
That she'll forever be in your heart.

Whenever you cry,
When you think that suddenly nothing is right,
Your mother is always there,
To make it alright.

Times can be hard,
It may even feel like all the hope is lost.
But your mother will always be there to support you,
She will always be there to hold you.

Right now, You may not understand it.
You may not realize how important she is,
But just tell her, before it's too late,
That you love her and that she is the reason
for this stupendous life you have.

Saturday, 10 May 2014

The Girl In The Dark #2 (Fiction)

                       Although I know there was no one there, but still I had nightmares. Nightmares about the voice of that girl. It wasn't scary or anything but I think she was trying to tell me something. I know it was just in my head but I take these things seriously. When I was little, my mom used to tell my dad that she heard things and had visions (I loved eavesdropping back then). So this kind of concerned me. My dad started to think that my mom was going crazy but she was really serious and I kind of believed her. I still believe her even though I know she's not here. So, 'My mom having visions and hearing things' led to a big fight between dad and her. For a moment, I actually thought that they were gonna get a divorce. But then, mom, being the brave woman she was, handled situations perfectly and never talked to my dad about such things. She told him that he was right and that she stopped having visions and all. But it was a lie. I knew she was still hearing and seeing things she wasn't supposed to see/hear. She used to write about them in her diary which I read a  few years ago (She gave it to me, I didn't steal it.) She wrote about a girl that she saw, and that she(the girl) was trying to ask mom for help. But she(mom) never could figure out what that girl was trying to say. She never had the chance.
          Anyway, I tried to figure out what I heard but I couldn't. All I could make out was a sound of a crying cat. Which is not really helping. Suddenly, I got really angry. It's just that when I can't figure out something I really wanna figure out, I get angry. "Hey Patricia, you didn't have a problem coming back home alone, did you?" Dad asked while we were eating risotto. "I wasn't really alone." I ate in a huff. "What? Something going on?" He asked. "No, nothing." I replied. "Okay." "Okay."
                        After school, I went through the same alley. This time, I stopped and looked around. Well, nothing is there. Nothing 'interesting' though. There's a big factory on the left side, it's kind of closed. I mean, it looks like there was a fire. A long time ago. Ah, boring. Maybe it 'was' really in my head. I am crazy. I turned away from the factory and looked over to the streetlight. A little girl was sitting there, with a stuff toy in her hand. She was smiling but there were tears in her eyes too. I walked over to her.
                     "Hey there!" I smiled. She looked at me and smiled back. "What are you doing here alone? Where are your parents? Where do you live?" I asked. She pointed at the factory. "You live there?" She nodded. "With your parents?" I asked. She nodded again. Freaky! "Well, umm, then I guess I should go. Nice to meet you. Oh yeah, right, I am Patricia and you are?" I thought she wasn't going to say something but she did. "Anna." "Well Anna, Take care. And don't stay out too late. Your parents must be worried."
                    It's kind of weird. I think she was just playing with me. I mean who would wanna live in a factory, let alone a fire-damaged factory? There is something amiss about that girl. 

© Isha Sharma

Sunday, 13 April 2014

The Girl In The Dark #1 (Fiction)

Today is my second day of school. Me and my dad, we just shifted to Milwaukee. We used to live in LA with my mom but then she died a few months ago. My dad thought that we needed some space from our old house so we came here. It's not a bad place but it's really hard to fit in here. I haven't made any friends yet. Well, except Alex. Alex is a horse. He is a white Friesian horse. 
                          "Patricia! You ready for school?" My dad came in singing. "Yes dad. I am so excited!" I replied sarcastically. Dad started the car. "Patricia! We're getting late." I took one of my mom's photos and slipped it into my jacket. "Dad, can I walk to school from tomorrow?" I asked him while getting into the car. "Why, you don't like my driving?" He asked. I stared at him solemnly. My dad isn't the perfect driver. We've got like many dents in our car. And I was only responsible for one of them. What? There was a cute guy walking on the sidewalk.
                          "Okay. Fine." He finally replied. "But if something happens, call me, okay?" I nodded and wore my headphones. Listening to 'Fifteen' on the second day of sophomore year, just pacifying. We reached to school. "Wait...aren't you forgetting something?" Dad asked when I was about to get out of the car. "No." I replied. Oh right...I gave  him a kiss on his cheek. "I hope nobody saw that." I said under my breath. 
                         My school isn't that bad except it's really mysterious. Sometimes I feel like i'm in the Vampire Academy. These people, they are so intimidating. As I already said, I don't have any friends (except Alex). So, I was practically sitting all alone the whole lunch time (With my sandwiches). Well, not until that girl came into the picture.
                        "Hey, you're the new girl, right? Patricia something..." A girl took the seat beside me. Then she took one of my sandwiches and started eating it without my permission. "I think you're suppose to ask before taking someone's else's things." I said. "What, they don't teach you manners in this school?"
                       "Oops, sorry, Can I eat?" She asked after finishing two of my sandwiches. "Yeah, sure, why not? You must be really hungry. I mean, after all I am the one who ate two double sized sandwiches." I replied. She stared at me in vexation and then finally said "You know, this is why you have no friends. You're really mean." Yeah, sure. But I still apologized and then we moved on with our lives. Or you could say, moved to English Lit class. After school was over, I got really tired of waiting for my dad. Then, suddenly I got a text. 'Sweetie, I won't be able to come. Problems at work. Could you walk home? Sorry. Be safe.' And that's how quick people desert me. Well I'm glad I don't have to suffer his driving again.
                      The passageway between my house and my school is kind of scary and dark. I walked all alone through that dark alley. Everything was really quiet. I started listening to "Numb" as I walked slowly like a scaredy -cat. Suddenly, I heard something (No, it wasn't Chester). I think I heard the voice of a girl (No, Not Chester!). Maybe it's just in my head. I didn't care much about it and walked back home. 
© Isha Sharma

Sunday, 30 March 2014

Adios 2013!

 Happy New Year to all of you. Well, 2013's gone and we sure are gonna miss it. Though there were some moments which made us cry in 2013. We had to say goodbye to many prodigious people like 
Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela, a South African anti-apartheid revolutionary, politician and philanthropist.
 Margaret Thatcher, 'The Iron Lady', one of the greatest political leaders in the modern history
 Lets not forget some of our favorite personalities like Paul walker, the heart and soul of the great movie 'Fast and the furious' , Cory Monteith, who was best known for his role Finn Hudson( Oh I loved him) in the series Glee and many more notable people who made us laugh and sometimes made us cry, who shone, who were the heart of this world, heart of cinema, heart of politics. We will remember them all because they may be gone physically but they are still here; in our hearts.

  Other than this, there were a lot of good things which happened in 2013-

1. American scientists use a 3D printer to create a living lab-grown ear from collagen and animal ear cell cultures. In the future, it is hoped, similar ears could be grown to order as transplants for human patients suffering from ear trauma or amputation.
2. In a study published in the scientific journal Nature, researchers from Oregon Health & Science University in the United States describe the first creation of human embryonic stem cells by cloning.
3. Delegates from some 140 countries and territories sign the Minamata Treaty, a UNEP treaty designed to protect human health and the environment from emissions and releases of mercury and mercury compounds.
4. On July 22, Son of Prince William, Duke of Cambridge , Prince George of Cambridge was born making us all rejoice with joy.
5. Pebble smart watch, an awesome watch was released in 2013.

So these were some of the moments of 2013. Let's make this new year 2014 an awesome year filled with lots of joy. And My motto of this year is  

                                             'A New Year, A New Start'

Reference- Google,

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

One Night

It was just like any other night,
I was walking alone in a fright 
One stormy night it was
With a meowing cat and a barking dog

Then suddenly i felt like i was being stalked
but when i turned, there was nothing but the storm
I started walking faster and faster
Taking one step after another.

It seemed like someone was behind me
Like someone was trying to get a grip of me
I started feeling more strange
walking on a spine chilling road with a back strain

I started to think that it was nothing
But i was wrong cause there was something
But i couldn't figure out what it was?
Maybe a man or the same barking dog.

I was almost home but still scared
So i thought i will catch that person by suddenly turning back
And then that creature followed me to the porch 
I turned back but still saw nothing but the storm

So i went inside thinking it was just my head
But no, he was inside, behind my back
I could feel his presence and i didn't know what to do 
Then i turned back and realized that it was my own contour 

It was my own shadow, i was getting scared of
It was my own self, i was being terrified of
Then something struck my mind
Was it a lesson that i was supposed to learn before dying?

Then I realized the person i was turning into
Making people sad was what i wanted to do
I remember the first time i ever had a friend
But now i have nothing but just my shadow self.

The last Paragraph is not related to the rest of the poem but still i decided to write it anyway :P

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Some very inspiring quotes!

These are the top 10 quotes i love the most -
  1. You can never cross the ocean until you have the courage to lose sight of the shore.                                                                                              –Christopher Columbus
  2. Either you run the day, or the day runs you.                                                                                                 –Jim Rohn
  3. The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.                                                                                                    –Ralph Waldo Emerson
  4. When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.                                                                                                –Lao Tzu
  5. Too many of us are not living our dreams because we are living our fears.                                                                                                               -Les Brown
  6. If there's a book that you want to read, but it hasn't been written yet, then you must write it.                                                                                                                                                                                                                            -Toni Morrison
  7. I almost always urge people to write in the first person. … Writing is an act of ego and you might as well admit it.
                                                                           —William Zinsser
  8. You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.                                                                                         - Mae West 
  9. Every secret of a writer’s soul, every experience of his life, every quality of his mind, is written large in his works
                                          —Virginia Woolf
  10. I don't paint dreams or nightmares, i paint my own reality.                                                                                                     - Frida Kahlo

Saturday, 28 December 2013

My first novel- Battle With Darkness

Hey guys it's Isha here. Well as the title says , i'm here to tell you all about my first novel "Battle with Darkness". I started writing this novel when I was 12 and a half years old. And now finally it's been published(Yes i'm 13 now). Here's the  cover sample of my novel...Soon enough the PDF will be uploaded so don't forget to read it :D

I wanna thank my parents for their endless love and support. I wanna thank my publisher for helping me with this book and most of all i wanna thank my friends who have always supported me.

Keep Reading.