Sunday, 13 April 2014

The Girl In The Dark #1 (Fiction)

Today is my second day of school. Me and my dad, we just shifted to Milwaukee. We used to live in LA with my mom but then she died a few months ago. My dad thought that we needed some space from our old house so we came here. It's not a bad place but it's really hard to fit in here. I haven't made any friends yet. Well, except Alex. Alex is a horse. He is a white Friesian horse. 
                          "Patricia! You ready for school?" My dad came in singing. "Yes dad. I am so excited!" I replied sarcastically. Dad started the car. "Patricia! We're getting late." I took one of my mom's photos and slipped it into my jacket. "Dad, can I walk to school from tomorrow?" I asked him while getting into the car. "Why, you don't like my driving?" He asked. I stared at him solemnly. My dad isn't the perfect driver. We've got like many dents in our car. And I was only responsible for one of them. What? There was a cute guy walking on the sidewalk.
                          "Okay. Fine." He finally replied. "But if something happens, call me, okay?" I nodded and wore my headphones. Listening to 'Fifteen' on the second day of sophomore year, just pacifying. We reached to school. "Wait...aren't you forgetting something?" Dad asked when I was about to get out of the car. "No." I replied. Oh right...I gave  him a kiss on his cheek. "I hope nobody saw that." I said under my breath. 
                         My school isn't that bad except it's really mysterious. Sometimes I feel like i'm in the Vampire Academy. These people, they are so intimidating. As I already said, I don't have any friends (except Alex). So, I was practically sitting all alone the whole lunch time (With my sandwiches). Well, not until that girl came into the picture.
                        "Hey, you're the new girl, right? Patricia something..." A girl took the seat beside me. Then she took one of my sandwiches and started eating it without my permission. "I think you're suppose to ask before taking someone's else's things." I said. "What, they don't teach you manners in this school?"
                       "Oops, sorry, Can I eat?" She asked after finishing two of my sandwiches. "Yeah, sure, why not? You must be really hungry. I mean, after all I am the one who ate two double sized sandwiches." I replied. She stared at me in vexation and then finally said "You know, this is why you have no friends. You're really mean." Yeah, sure. But I still apologized and then we moved on with our lives. Or you could say, moved to English Lit class. After school was over, I got really tired of waiting for my dad. Then, suddenly I got a text. 'Sweetie, I won't be able to come. Problems at work. Could you walk home? Sorry. Be safe.' And that's how quick people desert me. Well I'm glad I don't have to suffer his driving again.
                      The passageway between my house and my school is kind of scary and dark. I walked all alone through that dark alley. Everything was really quiet. I started listening to "Numb" as I walked slowly like a scaredy -cat. Suddenly, I heard something (No, it wasn't Chester). I think I heard a voice of a girl (No, Not Chester!). Maybe it's just in my head. I didn't care much about it and walked back home. 
© Isha Sharma

Sunday, 30 March 2014

Adios 2013!

 Happy New Year to all of you. Well, 2013's gone and we sure are gonna miss it. Though there were some moments which made us cry in 2013. We had to say goodbye to many prodigious people like 
Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela, a South African anti-apartheid revolutionary, politician and philanthropist.
 Margaret Thatcher, 'The Iron Lady', one of the greatest political leaders in the modern history
 Lets not forget some of our favorite personalities like Paul walker, the heart and soul of the great movie 'Fast and the furious' , Cory Monteith, who was best known for his role Finn Hudson( Oh I loved him) in the series Glee and many more notable people who made us laugh and sometimes made us cry, who shone, who were the heart of this world, heart of cinema, heart of politics. We will remember them all because they may be gone physically but they are still here; in our hearts.

  Other than this, there were a lot of good things which happened in 2013-

1. American scientists use a 3D printer to create a living lab-grown ear from collagen and animal ear cell cultures. In the future, it is hoped, similar ears could be grown to order as transplants for human patients suffering from ear trauma or amputation.
2. In a study published in the scientific journal Nature, researchers from Oregon Health & Science University in the United States describe the first creation of human embryonic stem cells by cloning.
3. Delegates from some 140 countries and territories sign the Minamata Treaty, a UNEP treaty designed to protect human health and the environment from emissions and releases of mercury and mercury compounds.
4. On July 22, Son of Prince William, Duke of Cambridge , Prince George of Cambridge was born making us all rejoice with joy.
5. Pebble smart watch, an awesome watch was released in 2013.

So these were some of the moments of 2013. Let's make this new year 2014 an awesome year filled with lots of joy. And My motto of this year is  

                                             'A New Year, A New Start'

Reference- Google,

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

One Night

It was just like any other night,
I was walking alone in a fright 
One stormy night it was
With a meowing cat and a barking dog

Then suddenly i felt like i was being stalked
but when i turned, there was nothing but the storm
I started walking faster and faster
Taking one step after another.

It seemed like someone was behind me
Like someone was trying to get a grip of me
I started feeling more strange
walking on a spine chilling road with a back strain

I started to think that it was nothing
But i was wrong cause there was something
But i couldn't figure out what it was?
Maybe a man or the same barking dog.

I was almost home but still scared
So i thought i will catch that person by suddenly turning back
And then that creature followed me to the porch 
I turned back but still saw nothing but the storm

So i went inside thinking it was just my head
But no, he was inside, behind my back
I could feel his presence and i didn't know what to do 
Then i turned back and realized that it was my own contour 

It was my own shadow, i was getting scared of
It was my own self, i was being terrified of
Then something struck my mind
Was it a lesson that i was supposed to learn before dying?

Then I realized the person i was turning into
Making people sad was what i wanted to do
I remember the first time i ever had a friend
But now i have nothing but just my shadow self.

The last Paragraph is not related to the rest of the poem but still i decided to write it anyway :P

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Some very inspiring quotes!

These are the top 10 quotes i love the most -
  1. You can never cross the ocean until you have the courage to lose sight of the shore.                                                                                              –Christopher Columbus
  2. Either you run the day, or the day runs you.                                                                                                 –Jim Rohn
  3. The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.                                                                                                    –Ralph Waldo Emerson
  4. When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.                                                                                                –Lao Tzu
  5. Too many of us are not living our dreams because we are living our fears.                                                                                                               -Les Brown
  6. If there's a book that you want to read, but it hasn't been written yet, then you must write it.                                                                                                                                                                                                                            -Toni Morrison
  7. I almost always urge people to write in the first person. … Writing is an act of ego and you might as well admit it.
                                                                           —William Zinsser
  8. You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.                                                                                         - Mae West 
  9. Every secret of a writer’s soul, every experience of his life, every quality of his mind, is written large in his works
                                          —Virginia Woolf
  10. I don't paint dreams or nightmares, i paint my own reality.                                                                                                     - Frida Kahlo

Saturday, 28 December 2013

My first novel- Battle With Darkness

Hey guys it's Isha here. Well as the title says , i'm here to tell you all about my first novel "Battle with Darkness". I started writing this novel when I was 12 and a half years old. And now finally it's been published(Yes i'm 13 now). Here's the  cover sample of my novel...Soon enough the PDF will be uploaded so don't forget to read it :D

I wanna thank my parents for their endless love and support. I wanna thank my publisher for helping me with this book and most of all i wanna thank my friends who have always supported me.

Keep Reading.


Thursday, 21 November 2013

No locker system in Indian schools?

Why lockers are essential?

This is very common in schools that students have to carry a very heavy bag everyday. Even thought those textbooks are not needed (at the time) , the teachers normally force the students to bring them. As a student, I know how much we have to suffer. Lockers are very essential , especially in schools.

Benefits of lockers in schools:

1. Lockers provide students with a space of their own.

2. School lockers provide the ability to store items like books, laptops, sports or music equipment so that the child doesn't have to carry these stuff (heavy bags) everyday.

3. Medical studies have shown that heavy bags can cause back or shoulder pain, so in one way lockers are good for physical health too.

4. In schools which allow mobiles, laptops etc , lockers are really important so that the students can keep these stuff in it and there will be no distractions during class.

No lockers in schools?

This is common in Indian schools. The school doesn't provide lockers to the students. From what I have observed not a single school in India has lockers except a school in Kolkata. There have been many complaints coming from the parents of the students. 
                No lockers in schools is really a pain-in-the-ass(sorry for the language). I would like to tell you about a real incident which happened in my school with my friend. Few months before, our teachers told us to bring all subject notebooks everyday as some observers were in our school. Bringing all these notebooks everyday really puts a pressure on the student. Most of the students didn't bring these copies , including me and yes, we were punished. One of my friend, she suffered from a little back pain. After many days, continuously bringing these copies, one of her spinal disk slipped. After talking to the doctor , the doctor had clarified that the main cause of this problem is the heavy bag carried in school. After this incident, her parents complained to the teacher they even talked to the principal about this problem and the thing is, that the teachers had nothing to say about it. And still after all this, we are forced to bring heavy bags in school and no one is taking action against it. We have tried a lot but nothing is happening.

What I think.

The installation of lockers at schools is often raised as a solution to carrying heavy school bags.I think that lockers in schools(especially Indian schools) should be mandatory. 

Please comment , share your views and do something about the current scenario of Indian schools....

Sunday, 6 October 2013


Time is a valuable thing. One thing I've realized in my life is that time never comes back. What's gone is gone. Nothing can change that now. We think about the things we did in the past all the time. Some are good, of which we are proud of and some are bad, which still hurts us. People keep moaning about the things, the bad things which had happened to them or which they had done in their life. But you know what, doing that it's useless. It's a complete waste of time. It's worthless to moan about something that cannot change. It's in the past. We need to stop living in the past. Let's just think about today and tomorrow instead of thinking about yesterday. Living in the past not only destroys our future but also our present and all our relationships. What i really want to tell you all is that forget about all the bad things which had happened in your life, remember the good ones and make sure they stay there, in your heart, forever. If you did something bad, you'll regret it. That's for sure. But the thing is, regretting won't change it. What you need to do is make sure that those things don't happen again in your life.

And always remember...

As Benjamin Franklin once said "Lost time is never found again."

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Do you know this song???

Well, there is this awesome guy named Jon Cozart (more often known as Paint) who made an AWESOME song.

Ever heard of Harry Potter in 99 seconds??


There once was a boy named Harry, destined to be a star
His parents were killed by Voldemort who gave him a lightning scar


Hary goes to Hogwarts he meets Ron and Hermione Mcgonagal required he play for Gryffindor, Draco is a daddy's boy, Quirrel becomes unemployed,
The sorcerers stone is destroyed by Dumbledore

Ron breaks his wand now Ginny's gone and Harry's in mortal danger
Tom Riddle hides his snake inside his Ginormous secret chamber,

Harry blows up Aunt Marge
The Dementors come and take charge
Lupin is a wolf the rats a man and now the prisoner is at large
They use time travel so they can save the prisoner of Azkaban who just so happens to be Harry's Godfather I don't really get it either

Harry gets put in the Triwizard Tournament with dragons and mermaids oh no, Edward Cullen gets slayed he's back

Harry Harry it's getting scary,
Voldemorts back 
Your a revolutionary Harry 
Dumbledore Dumbledore why is he ignoring your constant attempts to contact him
He is forced to leave the school
Umbridge arrives Dracos a tool
Kids break in to the ministry
Sirius black is dead as can be, oh

Split your soul, seven parts of a whole, there Horcruxes, it's Dumbledores end

There once was a boy named Harry, who constantly conquered death, but in one final duel between good and bad, he may take his final breath.

For the tune, search it up on YouTube 

Sunday, 28 July 2013

Remember when?

   Remember when you came home from the first day of your school, jumped in your mom's hand and laughed about the silly things you did?

   Remember your 7th birthday party, how you ate all the cake before even singing the birthday song?

  Remember your first crush in the seventh grade and how you kept dreaming about your perfect date?

   Remember the last time you actually played soccer with your best buddies?

  Remember your first ballet class , how excited you were?

  Remember the look on your parents face when you first won a trophy?

  Remember those silly rumors about the world ending and how you woke up in the middle of the night just to see if it really ended? :D

  Remember laughing at your friends when they fell down?

  Remember the pranks you played on your English teacher?

Do you remember those good o'l days , those silly moments , the lazy nights , the happy cries , singing in the bathroom , lovely laughs ?

Did you realize how fast your childhood went away?

It feels like just yesterday you were playing with your red toy car and today everyone depends on you for everything. 

"Do you remember the last time you actually laughed with all your heart?"

Friday, 26 July 2013

How your behavior affects your surroundings?

People don't even think before doing something. Their careless behavior affects everyone around them. It also affects their own life. Their actions bring trouble to their family and peers. They don't know that after taking one step forward, there is no turning back. These people are us. At this young time , we don't realize or foresee what will happen next? We do things without even knowing its pros and cons. Even little things can bring a great bad cause in our social and economic life.
      If a person doesn't water his plant for many weeks, The plant dies. This means that one of our protector dies. What if everyone does this? This thing could affect the whole world and in the end we ourselves regret it. But regretting won't make the time turn back.
      When a guest comes to our house and we behave very badly, it won't affect us but our family. Because there is a saying that " Bad company corrupts good character. This means that everyone will think that our family taught us to behave badly. In the end it's our family who will be embarrassed.

  So always think before doing something. Have a good behavior. Because our behavior reflects our personality.